1. 02:15 9th May 2013

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  2. The Art of Logo Design | Off Book | PBS (by PBSoffbook)

  3. We made ice cream then made cookies then made ice cream sandwiches
  5. Lobsters
  6. Caught red handed
  7. Somebody knocked over all the trash cans on our street last night. While cleaning it, I Iearned a lot about our neighbors from their trash.

  8. Hey! @torrez is looking for Python engineers. Partners, not employees looking for “a quick sale and a free hoodie”. http://t.co/70aQjdvc

  9. 05:30 26th Dec 2011

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    Mer & Bailey
  10. Was up early this morning to start the smoking of a pork shoulder. Caught the sunrise. NIce way to start X-Mas day.